A vulnerability assessment is a risk management process used to identify, quantify and rank possible vulnerabilities to threats in a system. 

It’s been a busy year for cyberattacks. As part of our Data Management services, RadiusBridge® tracks threats and provides solutions to protect our clients so they can operate their business more efficiently and grow.

Hackers were very productive, especially in the past 6 months with 82% more security vulnerabilities exploited over the previous year per current estimates. From data we compile and follow, each company was exposed to an average of 274 different new vulnerabilities.

As vectors for hacking, cyberattacks due to information system security breaches are increasing faster than either human errors or traditional IT security (hardware/software). Whether it is on an operating system, a processor, a server, an application, … all companies are exposed to the exploitation of their vulnerabilities. None can claim to be 100% protected.

The targets? SMEs, i.e., our clients are the target of 77% of cyber-attacks.

What to do?

A Vulnerability Management program can help. A correctly setup and managed system will discover assets, detect vulnerabilities potentially exploitable by hackers, notify security teams, and detail solutions to implement or automatically fix vulnerabilities.  The result is a reduced attack surface and a process for maintaining the smallest possible size.

Within our IT Management Group at RadiusBridge® we use a selection of best in class tools to identify, discover, and manage threats including proposing industry solutions for our teams to implement which match our clients’ business demands.

By the time a cyber-attack occurs, it is already too late. By acting upstream and keeping control of vulnerabilities through appropriate solutions, we can reduce the chance of business disruption, data breach, and related damage to their reputation.

The fight against cyber-attacks is continuous. We have deployed Enhanced Security Services to most of our clients and we can share more information at any time including if you wish to run security monitoring yourself — we can make recommendations for current best-in-class tools.