Secured Mobile Virtual Workstations

Managing remote workers made easy with remote desktop workspaces

Remote Workspace Solutions

Working from home does not have to mean not meeting your goals as a business. Ensure your employees have exactly what they need to succeed while working remotely. We’re here to answer your questions and help you reach new levels.

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Secured Mobile Virtual Workstations

Since 1999, we’ve been delivering communication expertise to our clients, for their clients, employees and investors.

What is it?

We provide integrated single tenant systems so you can be confident your information is on it’s own ESXi host. We provide employees with free setup of remote workspaces that can be used across all platforms to ensure your employees can successfully do the work they need to.

How do we do it?

With our advanced data systems, we make sure to keep all your devices secure no matter where they are. We provide regular and steady backups of all data to protect from loss of work. With ample storage provided, we create spaces for all your employees that don’t have the technology they need to work remotely.

Why do we do it?

No matter where you are working from, your work is important. Your business is your life and we want to help you succeed. Don’t risk letting hackers and criminals into your employees home systems. We will continually support and scan your workspaces to ensure the safety of your data.

Migration Service – Fast Setup

Step 1 – Set up IPSec between customer office/DC and firewall at RadiusBridge®

Step 2 – Create a 2 way trust between the AD at the customer site and the AD at RadiusBridge®

Step 3 – Create a base VDI image (including applications)

Step 4 – Deploy VDI for each user from the base image

Step 5 – Install any user specific application

Step 6 – Migrate user profiles and data (done overnight) – user needs to remain offline during this step

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    Be assured that, as our client, all of your information is and will remain protected and confidential through all services now and in the future. We do not release any information to third party companies including other clients or potential clients.