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Don’t wait for month-end, quarter-end, or even your end-of-day reports. Tap into the powers of Dashboards and make smart, data-driven decisions.

Find out today how we use infrastructure excellence to deliver Data Management services to support your business today and prepare for growth tomorrow.

Ready to see your business grow? You work hard for your company and you know it better than anyone. Is it time to see what kind of potential it really has?

Our work starts with Your Data

Making intelligent, data driven decisions across all departments of your organization is critical to operating at peak levels of performance. Whether Operations, Sales, or Advertising — knowing where you are now is the first step to making improvements.

Yet for many Executives and Department Heads, this data simply isn’t accessible in a way that allows them to make better decisions.

“How is our performance stacking up?”

The question appears easy, but the answers are not. You probably already have surface level ROI reports for Operations or ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for Advertising,  but for truly useful management tools you need to go beneath the surface to enable looking across all the data at one time in unified and dynamic reporting.

Our work starts with Your Data.

One-Dimensional Business Success?

 If you’re like most Executives and Owners, you have a few key metrics you’ve relied on to indicate success or pending calamity in your organization. Everyone has one or two numbers that are relied on to help make decisions. We understand that. The problem is that what you’ve long suspected is True: Business Metrics that worked 15 years ago (or 10, or 5, or even last year) are now at best little more than a speck in the sea of data that you need to make sense of.

What’s the answer?

The best organizations have an integrated approach to using Data Management to uncover operational efficiencies in conjunction with using that data to focus on extracting more sales from the market.

Maybe you’re not-so-big…but, are planning to be big?

RadiusBridge® clients are established and profitable with a good long term track record BUT…are ready to take advantage of modern data-centric growth including Reporting, Data Stability, and Internet Marketing.

Trust Your Data Management to RadiusBridge®

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    Know Your Data and Control Your Data

    The Data Silo Challenge

    As an Executive, one of your key responsibilities is Continual Improvement. This directive normally centers on one of two areas:

    Improving Efficiency (Operations) or Improving Sales (Marketing/Advertising/Bids).

    For Modern Executives, there is no “Or”. Executives do not have the luxury of looking at only one Data Silo at a time.

    As a successful Executive, it’s critical to break down the walls between your multiple Data Silos in order to gain new insights into customer, employee, vendor, and competitor behaviors to not just react quicker but to effectively execute your Strategic Plan.

    Since 1999, we have proven again and again that correct Data Management is at the center of all stable, predictable, business growth.

    Just a small sample of data sources we work with to Report, Control, and Grow your business…

    In the absence of a customized business intelligence dashboard, teams in charge of these Data Silos need to pull reports separately for each individual silo or channel and match them to each parameter needed. This may mean dozens of reports per channel per time period, resulting in both a major time suck, as well as a complicated mess of data each unconnected to the next.

    This convoluted process makes it virtually impossible to derive actionable insights from multiple platforms at once.

    Our expertise is in using our experience in reporting and data management to look for operational efficiencies, unexpected co-dependencies across current data silos, and as the underpinnings of a winning sales and marketing effort. After all,  “Marketing” without the data to support an effort is just pretty pictures.

    RadiusBridge® is the ONLY resource to successfully join traditionally “internal” Data Management (ERP, CRM’s, etc.)  with “external” Data Management (Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media) to drive continuous improvement across the entire organization.

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    Our executive dashboards are the answer your team has been looking for. From marketing to dev ops, manufacturing process to distribution and inventory optimization, our boards can do it all, bringing in all the necessary and relevant information into easy to decipher centralized locations.

    Our multi-channel boards can track all the KPIs important to YOUR business, not some cookie-cutter one-size fits all nonsense.

    And best of all, this data is updated throughout the day so you’ll always have an accurate representation of where things are now, where they are headed and the actions that need to be taken to hit your goals…day in, and day out.

    How much? We hate not being able to find pricing on a website…so, here’s ours: One of our basic analytic dashboards begins at $199/month with a $400 setup fee — no contract.

    The first step in our services is “Know Your Data” and that means Executive Dashboards. All our new clients start the same way with a dashboard pulling data together into one location so that you (and us) can better understand problems, opportunities and the competitive landscape.

    Dashboards can change your culture from “reactive” based on outdated and old data, to proactive and agile. Providing up-to-date dynamic data and projections — to help you compete effectively in today’s market.

    While our Full Support clients begin at $7,000 per month and go up to $30,000 per month, all our clients start with a basic Dashboard.

    After all, how can we know what is needed until we both look at the data?

    Be assured that, as our client, all of your information is and will remain protected and confidential through all services now and in the future. We do not release any information to third party companies including other clients or potential clients.