We often hear about PR campaigns and public relations whenever companies launch new businesses and products, individuals launch their music and promote tours, or organizations promote projects and causes. While public relations is a term commonly used, many do not grasp the true meaning of the term.

Public Relations: What is it?

Public Relations is a term used to refer to the effort of individuals, organizations or companies to create and maintain their image. A PR consultant or PR firm is usually hired to focus on this aspect and manage communications, promotions and other dealings with the client’s publics.

In public relations, the public is anyone who is able to form an opinion about the client. Publics can include customers, potential clients, employees, members of the media, stockholders,voters, and any other stakeholders that have an effect on the client’s reputation.

Role of the PR professional

The PR consultant is a professional who is hired by an individual, a business or an organization to manage the public relations aspect. Whether small or large, a business can benefit from hiring a PR professional or a PR firm. They aim to obtain free publicity for their clients, in contrast to advertising, which depends on paying for ad space.

The following are the fundamental roles of a PR professional:

  • Public face of the client.
  • Generate positive publicity for the client.
  • Write press releases to distribute to journalists, bloggers, editors, and other members of the media.
  • Cultivate relationships with the media and influencers in the industry relevant to the client.
  • Crisis management. A crisis, such as plant accidents, personnel error,and dissatisfied customers can prove detrimental to a business’ reputation. Managing such situations is imperative and a PR professional can achieve that.
  • Organize community outreach and programs.

Modern Trends in Public Relations

Today’s modern technology gave rise to a host of new trends that the public relations industry has to keep up. In order to succeed in every PR campaign, whether big or small, each of these trends has to be considered.

The advent of digital media and social media created new avenues for companies to reach their target markets. Moreover,public relations campaigns spread like wildfire, just as web content is consumed in a wide variety of mobile devices. New opportunities are available these days to connect with customers, fans, and influential people and organizations to promote new campaigns. Additionally, PR professionals can now measure progress of PR campaigns by utilizing online tools. With modern trends in public relations, companies, individuals and organizations better communicate and foster relationships with their publics.

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