In an effort to make setting up and launching advertising campaigns easier Twitter has revamped its advertising interface outlining five major goals for marketers with clear campaign objects and step-by-step instructions.

They are:

Acquiring more followers – Why get more followers? When followers see your Tweets on a regular basis, it helps drive your marketing efforts forward. In addition, the more followers you have the greater chance for your content to be retweeted and your business recommended – all in the pursuit of selling more products and/or services, increasing awareness of your business and finding new customers.

You can grow your followers by certain locations, interests and keywords. This is very helpful during product launches and promotions. Using Twitter’s robust reporting features and analytic metrics means you can easily measure Your Cost-Per-Follower for the number of new, relevant followers that you’ve gained.

Generating leads – Advertising on Twitter gives you the ability to attract potential customers. Once you have a new lead you can collect their email address information for further follow-up communications. You can let them know about webinars, ask them to join your mailing list, send them coupons or weekly newsletters. You can generate leads based on geography or language, keywords and interests. To measure success or failure, you can determine Your Cost-Per-Lead numbers.

Driving website clicks and conversions – When you get a highly-targeted and relevant click to your website from a Twitter ad that means you have an opportunity to convert the click into a sale. By placing Twitter ads you can increase the traffic to your website, blog or landing page and gain exposure.

To make the click work in your benefit you’ll want to drill-down on interests and keywords or geography and language to create a tailored audience. How do you measure your success? By the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) numbers and checking to see if there’s been an increase in web traffic or conversions.

Promoting app installs – If you design or build apps or your business has a mobile app, Twitter’s App Install can help boost the number of installations of your mobile apps. When you target Twitter users by interests and keywords then you’re reaching the users most likely to be interested in your app.

Boosting tweet engagement – When you engage with potential customers by creating relevant and consistent Tweets then you begin to build a new relationship with potential customers. The more engaged you are with your followers the more you and your business are in their thoughts when it comes time to purchase your product or services.

You can connect with your followers about a new product or service; provide useful and helpful content showcasing yourself as an expert in your field; share videos, photos and testimonials; offer specials and coupons. You can engage by interests, keywords, device and geography/language and check your success by Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE).