Part of monetizing social media for your business is keeping your audience interested with content; part of it is engaging with customers and prospects.

The engagement part is really where you want to spend a lot of time.

People like to talk about good experiences. Doing something as simple as asking a customer about their experience is huge.

When someone has a good experience at your business, they don’t just tell a few people. They tell all of their friends on social media.

Referrals from social media are what you want! You get this by engaging with customers and prospects—asking them to talk about their experience.

You want this engagement happening. BUT, keeping your social media accounts updated is something you don’t want to neglect.

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Buffer is one tool I’ve used to handle this; and it doesn’t cost anything.

It allows you to queue posts so they’re going out automatically throughout the week, or longer if you need to.

You can have content going out automatically so you can spend more time engaging with customers and prospects.

Accelerating your social media efforts so that you can have a strong flow of customers from where they’re spending most of their time is key.

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