After a while of keeping your audience engaged, perhaps having a couple of successful posts, you start to realize that finding good content to share on social media is a constant up-hill battle.

It’s not easy to get or keep your business relevant on social media. Having the ability to quickly find lots of useable content, and being able share in the same place would a huge help, right?

We recently came across EpicBeat. It’s definitely a site worthy of bookmarking, and adding to your list of content sources.

EpicBeat content search results

Find Proven, Relevant, Content with EpicBeat

EpicBeat is very similar to BuzzSumo, except it let’s you find unlimited content using the free version; that by itself makes it a win in our book. Similar to BuzzSumo, you can filter results by date published, content format, etc, and find out the popularity/relevance of a given article or piece of content.

EpicBeat seems to outpace Buzzsumo in terms of what you can find out about a topic or a piece of content. EpicBeat will show you analytics on a topic itself. You can find out how popular a topic is, and on what social media site it performs best.

Check out EpicBeat and you’ll be able to find tons of content you can use for social media to ease the uphill battle that is social media management.

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