Video content is shared on Facebook more than any other post type, averaging 89.5 shares per video.

Creating a video to promote your golf course seems difficult or unapproachable if you don’t have experience.

It doesn’t have to be difficult if you find a decent tool to help. One such tool we’ve found is PowToon.

PowToon logo

You can create professional animated videos without putting in too much time or effort, and it won’t cost you anything.

Any upcoming course announcements or promotions? Use PowToon’s simple video editor to create something awesome from scratch or edit one of the many pre-made videos.

This is a great tool to easily create an entertaining video that will get your announcements or promotions across much better than a simple text post.

powtoon editor

There are so many key areas of a social media strategy like this involved in monetizing your business’ social media, but if it can be done it’s one of the most profitable channels to monetize.

Using a complete strategy, LocalMaxx can solve the problem of how to monetize your social media. It is THE channel you want to monetize since Facebook alone has 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Let us know if you want more tips on how to improve your social media marketing, or ask us how we can do it for you here at LocalMaxx.