1.You should have a Google my business profile

Clarence Fisher

Millions of people use Google Search as their first step when looking for goods or services. With a GMB created, you can ensure that they see the correct information. You can make sure that your business is getting a visibility boost compared to those who didn’t bother to create their own listing.

2. The Ideal Social Media Post Length: A Guide for Every Platform

Eddie Shleyner

There’s no such thing as too much engagement on social media.

Marketers can always use more likes, shares, video views, and comments. And integral to driving that engagement is nailing the length of your message. That’s what this article is about.

Shorter posts usually receive more likes, comments, and shares on Facebook. People like when a message makes its point quickly and concisely. It’s satisfying.


3. Review your goals

shannon tien

Does your team have a mission and/or a vision statement? Now would be a good time to pull that out. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of why you’re here to get the ball rolling. Another great thing to look at is the official goals you set when you created your social media strategy. Ask the team to think about what kind of content they think will help to achieve those goals. Even just having them top of mind when you’re throwing ideas around is useful. That way you can also reject ideas that don’t help you achieve those goals.


4. Marketing is very important for any business

Daniel Goh

Marketing is very important for any business and it is important that you do not let it fall behind when you are too busy. Social media is a very important marketing tool and if you are not taking advantage of it then you will not reach your business potential. We understand that it can be very time consuming to write social media posts and be around to post them at the right times.


5. Don’t Completely Drain Your Nest Egg

David Johnson

While it’s admirable to put all your trust and faith and go all-in on your business, it’s a much smarter and less risky approach to diversify your holdings and have a healthy cushion between your dreams and your rock bottom. Never put all your eggs in one basket. If you drop that basket, then you lose all your eggs.


6. Mistake 1 – “The handshake deal”

Harrison Rogers

If anyone promotes a deal to not being formalized in writing for any “good reason,” consider that deal too expensive for your business. While legal fees are very undesirable, some upfront fees to prepare agreements can save you and your business. Protect yourself and your business and put everything in writing!


7. Create the right type of content and form

Clarence Fisher

Suffice it to say that’s there’s huge audiences at stake! While it may take a few weeks or months to find your footing, there is no shortage of potential exposure. Companies that create the right type of content and form an engagement strategy can quickly amass a following. This can happen especially fast when you leverage your existing network of friends and customers.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Holly Reisem Hanna

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing field—and there are a couple of ways you can get involved.

First, you can promote brands and companies via an affiliate relationship through your blog, website, newsletter, or social media channels. Even if you don’t have a website or email list, there are ways to get involved with affiliate marketing — this post here covers the details of not having a website. As an affiliate marketer, you will make money when an individual (a customer) takes an action (purchases something or signs-up for something) from your affiliate link.

9. Keeping Up Productivity

Sarah Landrum

Be flexible with your business, but maintain enough of a routine that you form a stable environment for yourself to flourish at work. Get the construction schedule in advance, and remain updated if that schedule needs shifting to rearrange your routine accordingly. If most of the noise occurs in the evening, wake up earlier in the day and consider moving to another part of the house or going elsewhere.

10. Watch the clock

Barbara Weltman

Showing up on time is important. It is a sign of respect to those expecting you. Machiavelli said “tardiness often robs us of opportunity.” Make it a business practice to always be on time. These days it’s a no-brainer with calendar reminders on desktops and mobile devices. It’s common sense that if you have a meeting or an appointment that you can’t make on time because of something unavoidable, inform by phone, text, or email those who are waiting for you.

11. Think small and win big

Chirag Kulkarni

When you don’t have the resources to be as expansive in your offerings as the big players, the alternative is to get as good as possible at a specific niche. The narrower your focus, the easier it will be for you to compete in that space. Trying to advertise for “Shoes” is going to be very expensive, but cornering the market on “Size 6 red sparkle flats for women” will be much easier and much less expensive.

12. Keep track of customer support

Neil Patel

Your loyal customers are at the heart of your business.

While they take up a lot of your time and resources, it’s time well spent to keep them happy and pleased with the services you have to offer.

13. Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition and Win More Customers

Annie Pilon

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with offers and content from businesses. So you have to try especially hard to make yours stand out.


14. Don’t forget about press releases

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

“By including press releases as part of an integrated marketing strategy, small businesses are able to get their content directly in front of consumers and connect with journalists and bloggers — interactions that can result in lasting impressions,”

15. Use More Videos

Clarence Fisher

For business owners, video content can be a key part of their strategy to earn new customers and grow their company. Video marketing has started to offer incredible returns on investment for companies of all sizes. Adding a video to your website product pages can increase conversions by 80%! That’s probably why 83% of business owners say that video offers great ROI.

16. Being proactive when communicating with customers

Victoria Treyger

A proactive attitude should come across on multiple communications channels, including social media, phone, live chat and email. This kind of attitude builds loyalty and shows customers you truly care.