When supporting your business operations specific problems like system malfunctioning, security breaches, and inability to share and access data remotely are quite common. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can help you in dealing with them all.

VDI is a technology that enables the creation of virtual desktops on virtual machines (VM) in a cloud environment. With VDI, businesses get personalized virtual desktops for each of their employees along with the benefits of data security.

Overall Reduction in Operational Expenses

Buying new computer hardware for your business is never a standalone investment. There are many recurring expenses involved in maintaining your business computer systems. If not upgraded over time to the latest technology, those systems become obsolete and useless.

When utilizing VDI technology most of the computing tasks take place on the server where the virtual desktop is hosted, not on the local desktop. This means that you may be able to use otherwise obsolete PCs and tablet devices your business already owns to access the hosted desktops.

Flexibility to Work Remotely

To be able to grow your business globally, you need to give your team access to work-related data, no matter where they are during all hours of the day.

With the help of VDI, you and your team can access virtual desktops anywhere and anytime. Easy access to these desktops no matter where you are will mean better performance and higher productivity.

Better Control Over “Bring Your Own Device”
Companies find it difficult to keep track of confidential information being shared across personal BYOD devices. This poses a potential danger to the company’s data security. VDI is secure and BYOD-friendly. It addresses BYOD challenges by connecting users to virtual desktops seamlessly and giving business owners total control over the virtual machines.

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