Knowing what questions your prospects are asking about your niche can help you produce better content, and help you rank better in search engines.

For a while now one way to do this was to type in a keyword, and take note of what would come up in Google suggestions.

A tool we recently found takes this to the next level.

Answer The Public takes suggestions and brings back tons of data related to your keyword(s). You’ll be able to see, in a very pretty presentation, topics and questions people have put into Google’s search bar.

question visualisation

The first question you will ask when looking at this data is ‘how does this help me?’ I wondered the same thing at first, but I quickly realized the potential here.

Anything that helps you get into the minds of your prospects is going to be gold. You’ll be able to see what they’re interested in within your niche, and be able to produce content that answers their questions and gets at what they’re really after.

This is absolutely helpful for SEO and producing relevant content. Ranking higher and getting engagement from your content is a byproduct of being in tune with your prospects. If you put being helpful to your prospects first, which Answer The Public can help, then everything else follows.

Get better in tune with your prospects with Answer The Public and find out what they need help answering. Your content can meet their needs and you will be able to meet your marketing goals as well. If you need help implementing what you find in a new SEO and content strategy, then call us today!