Do you have a shiny new online shop, with a service like Shopify or Etsy, but aren’t making your sales goals?

Promoting your items on Facebook is one idea, but what if your store actually existed on Facebook?

We’ve discovered a new tool called Shopial that will allow your online store to exist ON Facebook and Pinterest so shoppers can view and share your products easier.

The idea here is to bring your shop where your likely shoppers are going to be. It’s like moving your online shop to an area with more foot-traffic or one more convenient for your prospective buyers.

Shopial reproduces your online shop on Facebook. For example, if you made your online shop with Shopify and you update Shopify, your Facebook shop would be updated as well; Shopial is synced with your online store.

Shopial example image

The best part about your online shop being on Facebook is the ability for your customers and prospects to share your products/store with their friends, but also the ability to better use Facebook advertising. You would use Facebook ads just as you would, but you can promote products right from your Facebook store.

Having your online shop live on Facebook could be an absolute game changer for your store. The vast user base of Facebook is where you want to set up shop. Facebook users won’t have to look far to find your shop, and share items they like.

Shopial won’t cost you anything, and it will help you get the most out of your online shop.