Advertising campaigns, once limited to radio, print and T.V., have evolved to include the internet.

Modern technology has introduced the power of the World Wide Web through smart phones and social media platforms. These days, marketers have many methods of advertising to choose from. In the marketing industry, there’s debate over the value of email marketing in comparison to more traditional direct-mail marketing.

Those in favor of standard direct-mail marketing claim emails are likely to be ignored and disregarded by the recipient customers. Recent studies show different email marketing campaigns are not only a very effective method for marketing but also cost effective. Industry best practices for using email advertising help to keep open rates, as well as click through rates, high.

Increase in the Use of Email Marketing

Research studies show the number of companies embracing email marketing among their advertising techniques has significantly increased during recent years. It’s reached almost $11 billion in value, and during the past five years, it has seen about 20% growth rates. Advertising through email continues to become very popular, most especially with small businesses.

According to research conducted by Hurwitz & Associates, 46% of small businesses used email marketing, while 36% are planning to start using it within 12 months of the survey. On average, email marketing is responsible for about 15-22% of the budget spent on advertising towards the businesses that use it. It has become very popular among smaller businesses because it is very simple and straightforward ensuring positive results.

The report also says that as the companies continue to grow, they’re more likely to implement email marketing as part of their business strategy. In fact, companies who have 2-4 or 5-10 employees are most likely to use email campaigns during the next 12 months after the survey. After surviving the sole-proprietor phase, these companies are already looking into increasing revenues and sales in order to support the existing headcount of the company and at the same time expand business.

Revenue Benefits and Overall Cost of Email Marketing

Email marketing is often referred to as one of the best methods used to save money in advertising, particularly for companies that already have a solid customer base in the online environment. When considering all of the combined direct and indirect costs of email in comparison to traditional mail campaigns, it’s quite noticeable email is more cost efficient. Direct mail can cost about 50-100 times more than email marketing.

In a study by Harvard Business, reviewing and comparing the revenue and cost results from both email and direct mail campaigns, the study revealed how much more effective email campaigns actually are in terms of cost. Email campaigns included in the study were able to perform about 95 times higher when it came to the Return on Investment (ROI) in comparison to direct mail. This emphasizes that email marketing has financial advantages over direct mail marketing.

One of those financial advantages includes promotional emails not needing money for the design process. The digital graphics, photos, as well as text are all available online. On the other hand, when talking about direct mail marketing, you still need to consider the overall creative development process, starting from the printing cost of the materials down to the required postage.

How You Can Start

If you’re planning to start marketing your products or services through email but do not have your own affiliate network or perhaps an online marketing agency you can work together with, you might want to consider discussing with others who want to become your online marketing partner. For somebody who is starting with online transactions for the very first time, digital marketing actually involves a lot of very unique characteristics and challenges which can only be dealt with successfully through the help of an advertising agency who focuses in affiliate marketing.

You may also want to work together with an individual who utilizes affiliate marketing in order to create the cost per sale (CPS), cost per action (CPA) and cost per lead (CPL) email marketing strategies in order to come up with the most effective way to maximize your online earning potentials. To get started, it’s recommended you hire the assistance of a professional who can help you through the process.

Keep in mind that your email marketing campaign is definitely one of the best methods in order to enhance the rankings of your search engine. Among the top marketers in this modern civilization, email marketing is here to stay. It not only works by boosting sales while establishing loyalty among customers but it can turn out to be a top strategy.