It is a fact that when it comes to privacy, there is always a bullseye on your back. Considering the dependency on computer networks to maintain your company’s security and confidentiality this bullseye is on your computer systems leaving your business vulnerable to Cyberattacks.

What is A Cyberattack?

A cyberattack is unauthorized encroachment into your system or network by persons or systems with malicious intent. The motives for carrying out cyberattacks include an intention to expose, alter, disable, destroy, steal, or gain confidential information from your company’s systems.

Cyberattacks have had devastating effects on people and organizations everywhere. Bad actors are honing their craft as quickly as security technology can evolve to protect against them.

Frequently in modern attacks it is difficult to determine when an attack has happened or is beginning due to stealth tactics employed by the most technically advanced hacker organizations. Monitoring for stealth attacks has become a key responsibility of protection systems.

Why do Cyberattacks Happen?

Cyberattacks are not a random act of invasion but instead they are planned and carried out due to specific and significant reasons. Financial gain is the most common motivation behind a cyberattack which means cybercriminals are looking to get the following kinds of information:

•Financial details such as credit card information.
•Business details such as trade secrets
•Confidential data such as login credentials
•Data records such as client information
•Access to infrastructure

What Can You Do?

A properly researched and implemented protection system protects the business. We can make recommendations appropriate for your industry. Additionally, our cybersecurity professionals provide a complementary Dark Web scan to start the evaluation of your company’s cybersecurity readiness. See website for details.