New technology is always promising the ease of use and convenience that this breakthrough will offer.  Unfortunately, for every step forward in convenience, there seems to be another step backward when it comes to headaches for IT professionals. This is true with remote control software such as LogMeIn and TeamViewer. These two programs, and many others like them, promise the ease of remote access. We aren’t saying that such software is something you shouldn’t consider, but they may be something you look closely at before you use them.

Remote access software like TeamViewer or LogMeIn definitely have great uses. If an employee wants to work on their work computer from home after hours, they can log in remotely and have access to all of their programs, files, and data. All they have to do is install the software on their work computer and their home computer. This allows ease of access, especially when employees go out of town on work-related trips, such as conferences or symposiums. They will be able to log in remotely and not have to worry about taking backups of data files that could be misplaced. This software also allows other connectivity options, such as file sharing, online meetings, and remote conferencing.

So why, then, does this constitute a backwards step? If the employee’s home computer is hacked, then the hackers can have access to their work computer and all of the company’s files as well. By opening up this extra portal into the work network, they have also created an area that IT directors have to secure, or else it could have potentially damaging effects on the company. In fact, this has actually already become a reality.

Another issue to consider is possible breaches after an employee is no longer with a company. If they have remote access on their home computer or laptop, then how will you ensure that this access is revoked or deleted? By installing this software on the computer, an employee could have access to files and data after termination, which could open up serious security risks. How an IT department will handle these situations is something that you may want to consider.

Remote access software is a great way for employees to access files and programs when they’re working from home. However, these programs have special considerations you’ll want to look at before installing them. RadiusBridge is here to help you and your business with secure technology solutions ensuring your business grows to the next level safely.