A wallboard is an advanced version of an office white-board traditionally used to communicate key business metrics. Real-time data displayed by electronic wallboards helps employees prioritize their tasks and determine next actions. A wallboard can help to create an agile and swift organization, which can be one of your biggest assets.

When considering the data to be displayed on boards, importance should be placed on information that is relevant and useful for the organization. The interface should be clutter-free and easy to understand.

The most effective electronic displays are those in which information is displayed in a clear, concise, and easy to comprehend format. The latest wallboard technology makes use of infographics rather than simply using numbers and tables.

Imagine contact center agents or employees on the floor being compared to athletes on a running track. The best performer among them is shown as the athlete, who is ahead of the rest on the track. It is an engaging way to convey information to motivate other team members.

At times, key performance indicators (KPIs) on the wallboards can be less than desirable and place undue pressure on the teams. In this type of environment, replace KPIs with light inspirational and motivational messages and appreciate the key achievements of the employees.

When displaying key performance indicators, utilizing a soft reminder is a great technique. For example, if the overall average handling time of a team is going up, it might be a cause of concern. Displaying a soft reminder will help the team to take corrective measures.

Unnecessary information should not be included in wallboard data as it can be a distraction for users. Keep it interesting and engaging. Only relevant information should be displayed to achieve an overall increase in quality and productivity.

Contact RadiusBridge® for help designing a wallboard for your company. Our team can pull together the most relevant data and implement a solution to push increased productivity.