In order for any business to earn a share of the marketplace, there are four critical areas they need to work on: Engage, Grow, Increase, and Results.


You need to be able to engage your audience (in this case your potential customers). We can assist in “hooking” them in so they’re enticed by the services or goods that you have to offer.


Our services focus on driving more customers to your business, products, and services. We can help you grow your customer base and increase your business.


Visibility and sales go hand in hand. We can increase both for you so that you can bring in more site visitors and translate that into more sales.


All of our efforts combined ultimately means real results for your business.

The Internet is not just a means to find out about places and things on the other side of the world. Most consumers (and potential customers) actually use the Internet to search for information about businesses that may be just around their corner. Many of them are tired of unsolicited advertising such as direct mailers and are using search engines like Google and Yahoo to help them find the companies they want to give their business to. Our local online marketing service is here to help you reach those potential customers. We can assist you so that when they search for a business in your field, your company’s website is listed prominently on the search engine directory and maps pages (including Google and Apple Maps).

Local Marketing by the Numbers

  • 97% of consumers shop locally by using the Internet;
  • 82% of consumers follow up their online searches with a store visit or phone call;
  • 80% of consumers spend their money within a 50 mile radius of their homes;
  • 54% of consumers have abandoned using phone books and replaced them with the Internet;
  • 61% of consumers who search for goods and services wind up spending money on them;
  • 35% of all Internet searches for goods and services are looking for local businesses;
  • 25% of all Internet searches are just for local business purposes

Thanks to tools such as GPS and the IP address of your Internet account, it is easier than ever for search engines to know where you are located so that it can factor in local results on your Internet searches. When a person searches for a service need, local results will be prominently displayed. This makes the search engine itself more valuable to the user as it can give responses that are more relevant and applicable to the user’s situation.

The reality of search engines is that most people will not enter a specific business name when they are trying to find information. (In fact, studies show that this only happens with about 1 in every 10 Internet searches.) For the other 90%, consumers simply type in a business field such as “Accounting” or “Housecleaning Services.” If your business has been optimized for local searches, then it will come up as one of the top search results. This means that your website is more likely to attract the attention of these customers. Having an “easy to find” website is of vital importance in attracting these customers. One way that we can help is to make sure that your business is optimized for local searches by including the top keywords that customers are searching for. These keywords are then promoted to the top of the search engine list using SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

It makes perfect sense that the more traffic comes through your website, the more likely you are to turn those visitors into customers and clients. In order to do that, you need to have a highly visible online presence. Many people think that this will take a small fortune and is something reserved for just the major national chains. However, we feel that all small businesses should have the right to compete online. We will help you to do that by helping you to find your voice.

At LocalMaxx, we realize how important an online presence is for all businesses, both large and small. Search engine optimization is just one method of Internet marketing, but it is the one that results in the biggest returns. Because of this, we are sure that our online marketing solutions can fit any business’s needs or budget to get the results that you want. LocalMaxx has a team of marketing experts and strategists who can help take care of your account needs. In addition, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will act as your “go to” person if you have questions or concerns about your marketing plan.

In addition to SEO, we also offer:

Google+ Optimization

This allows you to be featured on Google+ Local Business Pages. With the right images, videos, and keywords, we can ensure that your business will be among the top results for those customers that you are looking to attract.

Map Optimization

Online map services like Google Maps and Bing Maps can also be optimized to ensure that your business’s location shows up when customers are trying to locate you.

Local PPC

PPC (or Pay Per Click) is a great method to attract customers. This shows customers ads for your business if they have searched for a targeted keyword in your local area.