Twenty years ago, the idea of a car that drove itself would be considered in the realm of science fiction, right up there with time-traveling DeLoreans from Back to the Future. But now, self-driving cars are looking to change the way we drive, becoming just another part of modern life.

The same AI technology is also being added to ships and ferries. But before you start thinking about those other sci-fi movies like Blade Runner or The Terminator, don’t panic.

The Myth Behind AI in Cybersecurity

AI isn’t poised to become some all-encompassing monster that makes human beings obsolete. This is especially true when it comes to AI in the cyber security field.

One of the biggest concerns people have about automation is the idea that humans will be replaced by robots. This isn’t necessarily so.

Automation may close out some jobs, such as assembly line workers, while creating new ones, such as the staff to maintain and repair the robots on the assembly line.

This is the case when you automate the cybersecurity field as well. Yes, the computer software will be able to protect the systems, but it will have to be programmed and told what to protect and just how to do this.

Common Mistake: Automation is Not AI

This also gets into a major misconception—automation isn’t necessarily artificial intelligence. True AI allows a machine to “think” for itself. This isn’t in the same way that humans think, but by taking in data, assessing what that data means, and then determining the best possible outcome for using that data.

This is where AI as a component of cybersecurity can shine. It will soon be able to take in the data of what type of attack is being committed and then analyze the best means of handling this attack.

AI Can Play a Significant Role in Advancing Security in Cyber Attacks

In today’s cyber-world, there are constant attacks being directed at websites. It’s no longer a matter of if an attack is going to occur, but when and how often they will happen.

If you run a website, you’ll be the victim of a cyber attack at some point in time. And it’s also reasonable to assume that you cannot be on guard twenty-four hours of the day. So, it’s going to be the role of AI to help ensure that cyber threats are properly assessed and then dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Programmers Are the Brains Behind AI

That’s where programmers will really come into play. It will be these humans who have to anticipate the attacks that could occur so they can program the AI to learn how to deal with such a threat. And as cyber criminals and hackers are thinking individuals who are creative and can adapt their attacks at a moment’s notice, then cyber security experts will have to be able to do the same so that the AI can adapt as well.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence does not have to spell the doom for an industry or profession. It should be viewed as simply an opportunity to adapt and change the field so that new opportunities for employment can be created. This is the main idea behind the move into cyber security by AI experts. The adaptability of AI is essential in anticipating methods and stopping attacks.

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