Facebook is still the first name in social media. Although there may be newer trends in social media marketing, Facebook is still the tried and true gold standard for most people.

However, there are a variety of ads that work best if you’re trying to market your product to Facebook users. Here are the seven that can help make your business feel lucky.

1. App Ad

If you have an app to market, there are two ways to get this to your potential customers. First is the App Installs Ad; this is an ad that allows your app to be installed when it clicks. The second option is the App Engagement; this ad allows the user to click and use your app without actually installing it.

2. The Facebook Picture Ad

With Facebook, bold visuals are key. (If it wasn’t, we’d all still be stuck with Myspace pages.) The photo ad allows you to create a striking visual image that will get the attention of the user. Think of these as like giant billboards on the information superhighway.

3. The Facebook Video Ad

Facebook is starting to give Youtube a run for its money when it comes to video views. Half of all daily Facebook users view at least one video a day. Because of this, the time is definitely right to invest in video ads.

4. The Local Awareness Ad

If you’ve got a small business to promote, you can create a local ad that will even give directions to your business just like with Trip Advisor or other similar apps.

5. The Multi-Product Ad

If you’re trying to come up with a modern comparison of this, think about the catalogs that used to come all the time in the mail. These feature panels of products that are grouped together side by side. The user can click on any panel to go to the individual product. You can create clusters of similarly themed products.

6. The Offer

Think of this one as a coupon. The Facebook user sees an add offering, for instance, five dollars off their next order from your company (free shipping on orders of $25 or some other incentive). They click on the ad and it takes them to your website and presents them with the offer.

7. The Event Ad

What if you aren’t selling a product but instead have an event to promote? Here the idea is for the user to click on the ad and they will be taken to your website where they can purchase tickets.