1. How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page for Free

Emily Weisberg

Once you get your Facebook page up and running, the next thing you need to do is to invite friends and family to “Like” the page. Inviting friends and family to like your page is advantageous because it sets you off with a digital footprint on Facebook and it provides you with a valuable test audience. Promoting a business page that doesn’t have much life or engagement isn’t going to do much to help your business. Focus on building a quality audience first. The natural activity that fills up your page from that quality audience will then serve to promote your page.

2. Facebook Advertising

Victoria Edwards

Advertising on Facebook doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s a great way to bring visibility to your brand. Facebook’s demographic and geographical/location targeting is amazingly great for showing your message to your ideal consumer. You won’t get any more of robust targeting ad platform like Facebook. Depending on your objectives, Facebook has the right type of ad that can help you reach your goals. Currently, I have clients who wish to do a mixture of campaigns to help drive leads, increase the size of their community, and boost engagement.

3. Leverage friends of fans

Saige Driver

People are most likely to try something if their friends already use it. "Social media is the new 'word-of-mouth.' You want people to be able to tag your business when they're talking about you," said Cat Smith, owner of Get Social with Cat. "Your customers are your best advocates." When customers interact with your page, their friends will see the activity in their news feeds. You can also foster more interactions using polls and asking questions followers want to answer.

4. Share helpful content

Miranda Paquet

There is a big difference between social media and social media marketing. Give people a reason to Like your page by sharing helpful posts and driving action. Facebook is a highly visual channel, so share images and videos when you can. You can even try a Facebook Live to engage your fans.

5. Inspirational Quotes and Images

Cara Pring

One of the best ways to get engagement (depending on your audience) is to post an inspirational quote or image. Preferably, this relates somehow to your business (e.g., exercise-related quotes and images for gyms and personal trainers). Facebook users eat this stuff up, so if it fits in with your brand personality, do it!

6. Reward Social Media Sharing

Meredith Wood

It’s great to find new customers, but it’s also important to show your appreciation for those who are already loyal to your brand—especially if they’re willing to shout it from the proverbial rooftops. Providing discounts to your followers who share your brand on social media rewards their customer loyalty, and gives you a boost. After all, word-of-mouth endorsements are still the best form of advertising around. Engaging with and rewarding your customers is a great way to advertise your business for free.

7. “Comment to Receive” Posts

Kim Garst

This is a strategy I often use when I have something I want to promote or give away for free on Facebook. Instead of simply linking to a particular product, landing page or offer, ask your audience to comment with a particular word or phrase in order to get it. For instance, in the post above, I asked my audience to respond with “Chatbot” if they wanted more information.Not only does this mean more comments (and therefore more visibility in the News feed), it means I can connect on a more personal level with my audience through Facebook Messenger!

8. Add a Facebook Like Button or Box to Your Website

Kristi Hines

People who visit your website are highly likely to become fans of your Facebook page. But how to move them from just visiting your website to liking your page on Facebook? The easiest way to get a like from your website visitors is to include a Facebook Like button on your website. Using the button allows visitors to like your page without leaving your website.

9. Capitalize on link retargeting

Lisa Smith

If you’re using Facebook retargeting ads to boost conversions and attract visitors to your website, you should use link retargeting, too. That’s according to Louisa McGrath, content manager at link management tool Rebrandly, who said this allows you to build out your retargeting lists and reach audiences that haven’t visited your website before, but which have been influenced by your brand on social media.

10. Ask conversation-starter questions

Christopher Litster

Most people enjoy sharing their opinions, so ask Facebook fans to weigh in on topics that are relevant to your business and interesting to them. For example, a fitness center may ask fans to vote on their favorite summer sports in order to be entered into a drawing to win private lessons for them and a friend who joins the club. The questions should engage fans and inspire them to refer business while giving the business owner great insight.

11. Incorporate Humor

Andrea Vahl

Cool Mom Picks is a website that curates gifts, gear, tech and resources for moms. They have great video tutorials and they bring together interesting finds in blog posts. They also use humor and show some personality in their posts. Cool Mom Picks is a website that curates gifts, gear, tech and resources for moms. They have great video tutorials and they bring together interesting finds in blog posts. They also use humor and show some personality in their posts.

12. Promote your page offsite

Kevin Gibbons

Don’t expect your potential fans to find you on Facebook without a little support. Add a ‘Find us on Facebook’ button to your website, email marketing communications and even printed brochures, so that people know you’re on there. You may disagree, but I think that having a Facebook page shows that a brand is interactive and personable. So, even if people don’t bother looking you up, they may be left with a better impression of your brand.

13. Analyze your top 10

John Haydon

Go into your Facebook page Insights and rank your content by likes, comments and shares. This is the fastest way to see what’s resonating with Facebook users. Seek out patterns. Are they mostly photos? If so, what subject do they have in common? What about conditional sharing? What can you learn from the comments in these updates? You get the idea.

14. Continue to grow your fan base

Zach Beattie

Only getting 10% of your current fan base to see your posts? Double the total number of fans on your page and you’ve doubled your reach. Here’s a trick you can use to invite all of your friends and family to like your page: Invite All Facebook Friends to Like a Page at Once

15. Get Added to Internet Directories

George Mentis

There are a ton of highly reputable website and business directories out there, and you need to make sure that your business is listed on them. For example, Yahoo and Google offer these listings, as do Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. The listings are mostly free and you might be surprised by their value.Many of these sites have top search engine rankings. So people looking for your business will find these links quickly because they end up on the first page of search results. You can also gain traffic and potential customers from those who are viewing these sites looking for businesses that are similar to yours.