When you hear “security” and “IT” together, you probably think about cybersecurity. After all, in today’s technology-driven world, cybersecurity threats and breaches make headlines on an almost daily basis.

And while it’s true that cybersecurity is a big part of “security” in today’s modern organization, it is not the only security threat that is worthy of attention.

In the race to protect information and systems from a cyber attack, it’s important not to neglect other vulnerabilities, including those that pose a threat to more than just data and information.

In any industry, from healthcare to transportation, and logistics to utilities, there are going to be physical security concerns that pose a threat to both personal well-being as well as to physical infrastructure and other physical assets.

In fact, physical and cybersecurity often overlap to protect important data and confidential information, company assets, products/inventory, and, most importantly, personnel.

Strengthening your company’s physical security can and does compliment cybersecurity efforts and ensures a safe, productive workspace for all involved.


Physical Security Threats

Physical security concerns are a universal constant, but the specific concerns of your company—and the severity of those issues—will depend on many factors, including location, type of facility, and social, political, and environmental context.


Types of Threat: Environmental Issues

When we say “security,” you might first think of crime. But there are plenty of other security concerns that have nothing to do with criminal intent.

Increasingly extreme weather brings the potential for flooding, catastrophic damages to physical infrastructure from earthquakes, fire damages and more. Even if disaster sidesteps your facilities directly, infrastructure disruption, including power outages and fluctuations or disruptions to supply lines or communications networks could impact your business operations.

Less dramatically, moisture, animal activity, or even a fallen tree limb could damage your property or worse. You have to be prepared.


Types of Threat: Crime and Violence

Crime is still a real issue, however. Your security measures may have to combat theft of physical and intellectual property, sabotage, and even violence. The threat could be economically, personally, or politically motivated, and it can come from outside or from within your own company.

Overlooking either environmental or criminal security threats could lead to loss of product, damage to your facilities, or injury to employees and others. But you can fight back. You can put structures and procedures in place to prepare for and prevent such losses. In a word, you can implement physical security measures to complement and support policies and procedures.


Providing Security through IT Solutions

Technology, particularly information technology, is an important part of any response to a physical security threat. For example, communication is a critical part of coping with any natural disaster. Do you have the technology in place to keep lines of communications open? Does your system work reliably and include multiple layers of back-ups? Is your plan—who will contact whom in an emergency—clear and well-documented? Something as simple as mass notification capability can keep everybody on the same page and prevent chaos at critical times.

Security from criminal attack can involve fencing and gated entry, or even professional security guards, but also video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control within the facility. It’s all about getting the tools you need to know what is going on where and with whom at all times so you can respond appropriately. Not all of those tools are IT-related, but many are, and it is IT solutions that can bring your security to the next level.


Closing Thoughts

If your company’s security could use an upgrade, give us a call at New Edge Technology Solutions. We provide businesses with the best IT services and technologies available, but at an affordable cost. Between excellent customer service and 24/7 tech support, we’ll help you keep your business running smoothly no matter what circumstance may throw at you.